Texas Variable Rate History

The pricing below displays Windrose Energy historical average variable Month-to-Month rates based on a monthly usage consumption of 2,000 kWh.

Your average price for electricity service will vary according to your usage.

*There is a Minimum Usage Fee per ESI ID of $4.95 with energy consumption less than 500 kWh per billing period.

Month/YearCenterpointOncorTexas New Mexico PowerAEP Texas NorthAEP Texas Central
July 201913.9¢13.2¢14.2¢14.1¢14.3¢
June 201913.9¢13.2¢14.2¢14.1¢14.3¢
May 201912.9¢12.2¢13.2¢13.1¢13.3¢
April 201912.9¢12.2¢13.2¢13.1¢13.3¢
March 201912.9¢12.2¢13.2¢13.1¢13.3¢
February 201913.3¢12.8¢13.7¢13.3¢13.5¢
January 201913.3¢12.8¢13.7¢13.3¢13.5¢
December 201813.3¢12.8¢13¢13.3¢13.5¢
November 201813.2¢12.8¢13¢13.3¢13.5¢
October 201813.2¢12.8¢13¢13.3¢13.5¢
September 201813.4¢12.9¢13¢13.3¢13.5¢
August 201813.1¢12.5¢12.6¢13.3¢13.5¢
July 201813.1¢12.5¢12.6¢13.3¢13.5¢

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