Texas Variable Rate History

The pricing information below displays Windrose Energy current and historical Energy Charge Rates for the variable month-to-month rate. This pricing disclosure is not a Total Average Price calculation and does not include the TDU Charge Rate or other recurring charges you might incur. For more information about the charges and the total Average Price calculation, please review your Terms of Service.

Month/YearCenterpointOncorTexas New Mexico PowerAEP Texas NorthAEP Texas Central
April 20198.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
March 20198.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
February 20198.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
January 20198.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
December 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
November 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
October 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
September 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
August 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
July 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
June 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢
May 20188.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢8.9¢

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